Due to copyright restrictions and other crap, please help me follow these guidelines:

1. Only one copy per album.

2. No MP3 CDs.

3. No copies of albums available as CDs, unless significant extra material is included on the vinyl. If a recording becomes available on CD after having received your order but before returning your restored CD, I reserve the right to buy and send instead the commercially available CD.


Due to physics and other natural laws, I can't help but follow these rules:

1. Scuffs, long scratches, or other types of imperfections during which the underlying music is affected adversely will be indistinguishable from music (as far as the software is concerned). Even after meticulous restoration you still hear residual noise from a very poor source.

2. I try to catch any skips and convince the vinyl to give up an unskipped version of each song. A scratch on vinyl that is severe enough to cause a skip will usually leave a residual muffled whump. I will re-do any CD on which you find a skip I missed on vinyl, but you will need to pay postage to return to me.