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If you don't have the time to do it yourself, I can carefully restore your albums. This isn't a business - just a hobby - but I'm serious about it and will help out if you need it. I'll let you know what my current turnaround estimate is if you e-mail me or make an order (or at least my best guess). The process is time consuming, which means it eats time.

What can happen

I'll take your vinyl albums and

  • clean them
  • digitally record them
  • restore the music content by removing most - if not all - of the surface noise (pops and clicks, hiss, etc.), depending upon the condition of your vinyl
  • create (burn) a CD of your music
  • restore the album's cover art and print as a CD cover
  • include a tracklist and spine label
  • your CD will sound outstandingly better than the source vinyl!

To recap, send me your album and I'll return:

  • a clean-sounding recording of your album on a CDR that will play in your home stereo, car stereo, or jambox
  • a cleaned-up picture of your album cover as a CD cover
  • a track listing on the back of the CD case
  • your original album!

The cost to you is $40 each for LPs, which includes return priority shipping, and is payable up front. If you have a large number of items, double albums, 78s or 45 singles, email your needs and I'll come up with a good price.


If you want to see the difference audio cleaning can do but aren't sure of the value, send two LPs for restoration (as described above) for $40, which still includes postage - what a bargain!

Ordering information here

What can't happen

Due to copyright restrictions, let's both follow these guidelines:

  • only one copy per album.
  • no MP3 CDs.
  • no copies of albums that are available as CDs, unless significant extra material is included on the vinyl issue. If a recording becomes available on CD after having received your order but before returning your restored CD, I reserve the right to buy and send instead the commercially available CD.

Due to physics and other natural laws, I can't help but follow these rules:

  • scuffs, long scratches, or other types of imperfections during which the underlying music is affected adversely will be indistinguishable from music (as far as the software is concerned). Even after meticulous restoration you still hear residual noise from a very poor source.
  • on particularly worn albums, I'll try to catch any skips and convince the vinyl to give up an unskipped version of each song. A scratch on vinyl that is severe enough to cause a skip will usually leave a residual muffled 'whump'. I'll re-do any CD on which you find a skip I missed on vinyl if you return it within thirty days.


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