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Welcome to my audio restoration pages!

Your music is your music. Granted, the mechanics of listening to your albums requires more from you than popping in a cassette or CD, but when your favorites aren't available on other formats, you do what you gotta do to keep listening. Here you'll find options for transfering and restoring your music from vinyl.

Each time we go through a format change in consumer music (and movies!), there are titles that for one reason or another don't make the switchover. Your time and energy are best spent transfering those favorite records for which you can't find CD replacements.

You Can Do It
You can do it yourself with your own turntable, PC, hardware, software, and the right connections. Rather than step-by-step instructions, there is general information here to get you started.

Setup: Connect your PC and turntable.
Capture: Record your albums onto your harddrive.
Restore: Remove unwanted noise.
Prepare: Get your wav file ready for CD.
Burn: Make the CD!

They Can Do It
There are professional services, often a part of a professional recording studio, that will restore your albums.

We Can Do It
I've restored many an album over the past two years for friends, relatives, and myself. Sounds and looks like the big boys' work.

Vinyl Links
Other information peripherally related about audio restoration is here.