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1. Connect turntable to your amp.

2. Connect amp to computer soundcard's input.

3. From your recording program, begin recording, then start playing the record.

4. Save, then edit your wav, cleaning clicks and lowering noise levels.

5. Mark the beginning of each track. Save tracks separately if necessary.

6. Burn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my soundcard good enough?
A: An addon PCI soundcard is likely to be less noisy than an integrated one. For extensive reviews and comparisons, see

Q: I've cleaned the sound, but voices/trombones sound gravelly!
A: Sometimes the algorithm used by your software can misinterpret the overtones in your musical material and try to fix them. In this case, lower the aggressiveness of the cleaning, either by changing the declicker's minimum size, click shape , or click volume. You may also choose to leave these areas 'unclean' in order to get a more pleasing sound.

Q: Clapping/percussive sounds sound flat!
A: Again, the cleaning is too aggressive, and is interpreting these impulses as noise. Try lowering your settings as above.

Q: I've used the 'mono source' option in my program, and the clicks are gone, but the music sounds kind of flat.
A: Your software has removed some of the ambience. Either chose a less aggressive route, or add a bit of ambience back in (eek!) after the fact.

Q: What order should I be declicking, denoising, etc?
A: Start with the impulse noises by using the least-intrusive declicking method. Listen to your result and edit out the remaining big clicks, if any. Get a noise sample between tracks and use it to denoise your recording. If necessary or desired, perform other selective edits (de-essing, noise gate, etc.). Create a difference file by subtracting your final wav from your original wav; listen to it, and you should hear very little if any musical information.