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The trick to enoying your record collection longer is in remembering the little things. Keep your records in their covers and standing upright when not in use, and clean your records each time you play them. Cleaning prevents dust from being picked up by your stylus and interpreted as a click, and keeps dust from being ground into the walls of the soft vinyl.

Use a soft carbon fiber brush to remove dust and, as a bonus, reduce static that can attract more dust and sound over your speakers (or show up in your wav).

Assuming your record is vinyl (not shellac, like 78's and some very old LPs), Discwasher 4 Record Cleaning System is easy to find; the National Library of Canada uses differing mixes of Tergitol for all types of records.) Bags Unlimited sells two flavors of their own Groovy Record Cleaning Fluid, one for LPs and one for 78s (Contains NO Alcohol).

For really filthy records you can use one of the following heavy-duty record cleaners:

Nitty Gritty website
VPI website
Keith Monks dealer
Spin-Clean dealer