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At this point we will prepare the digitally-cleaned recording for burning. Depending upon your software, you could burn from your big wav file,or break it into smaller wav files. There are more shareware and freeware options to do this second way.

General considerations

When marking your tracks, give a consistent amount of time before each song begins. With all the zooming power at your fingertips, you might be tempted to mark the beginning of each track only milliseconds before the music begins. It may be more aesthetically pleasing to give yourself maybe a half-second before each track.

If your software doesn't assume end-of-wav as end-of-track, you'll need to put a marker at the end of the wav as well.

One wav into many CD tracks

Sound Forge and Pristine Sounds allow you to place markers in the file that indicate the beginning of each new track. With Sound Forge you'd need to buy Sonic Foundry's CD Architect to burn from this marked file.

One wav into many wavs into many CD tracks

Another option is to save your big file into the separate files that will make up the tracks on your final CDR. The Three Big Boys Mentioned throughout (Sound Forge, Audition/Cool Edit, Pristine Sounds) will allow you to do this. Another is Mike Looijman's CD Wave.